Candelabra Hire

Candelabra Hire

Add an individualistic touch to your special event as you acquire a posh candelabra hire from one of the popular event management specialists in Dublin – Events 365.

The charm set by the candelabra hire services by our experienced professionals will surely impress both the clients and their guests in the most stunning way.

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The perfect kind of candelabra for the event creates an exquisite charm that spreads throughout the event, lending a glamorous touch to it.

We take pride in our assorted range of candelabra decors that beautifully enhance the theme of the event.

Candelabra Hire for All Events

Be it a special wedding night or a majestic

  • Wedding Day
  • Birthday Bash
  • Christening Party
  • Communion Party
  • Conformation Party
  • Birthday Bash
  • Cute Baby Shower
  • Gala Dinner
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Exhibitions
  • Annual Party

Events 365 will make sure that the event lights up in the most enigmatic way.

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Candelabra Hire – Supply & Setup

Our expert team also provides constant assistance to the clients who are looking for unique solutions with the candelabra hire services.

We ensure that all kinds of budgets are encouraged by Events 365 as we aim to deliver exceptional results to our clients by making their events a major success.

Events 365 offers stunning candles with the candelabra hire services that are not only eye-catching but creates a flattering impact on the guests with their lights.

The fresh floral wreaths along with the ornate designs make the candles of the candelabras even more impressive.

All Types of Candelabra for Hire

The durable and high-quality material of the candelabras make them efficient enough to be used for long hours at the events.

  • brass to silver finishing
  • crystal and gold

The candelabra hire services ensure that every design has a uniqueness to it.

We also offer vintage designed candelabras that reflect a charismatic vibe that blends perfectly with themed events.

We make sure that the candles are aromatic and are accompanied with designer items that will enhance the entire appeal of the candelabras.

Our Candelabra Clients

Our clients are always given the option of choosing between real candles and LED candles for the candelabra hire services.

From table decorations to room highlights, these candles are surely going to make the event a brighter and charming one.

With the selection of the best candelabras in Dublin, you can expect your special event to become one of the memorable moments of your life.

With different styles, shapes and height, you can experience the prime option among the wide range of options you will get with Events 365.

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Give us a call if you are looking for a magnificent transformation of your event with stunning candelabras hire services. Hurry now!

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