5 Best Wedding Bands Ireland

Searching for the Best Wedding Bands Ireland? Every wedding has a special story – the story of a lifetime crafted for two souls who are committing to each other on the special day.

Like every other wedded couple, you too dream of a perfectly planned wedding amidst your loved ones in an spectacular setting.

But what about the grand musical vibe when you walk down the aisle or when you step on the dance floor with your DJ music with your partner for your first dance?

A wedding band is highly essential to keep up the liveliness of the wedding ceremony and also engage the guests during the wedding night’s entertainment.

Why not surprise your guests at the wedding with unparalleled musical experience?

Events 365 is here to ensure a fascinating moment on your wedding day with some of the renowned and dedicated wedding bands in Ireland.

The varied range of musical run through that are played as per the wedded couple’s preferences, these wedding bands are sure going to make the wedding night a memorable one.

Wedding Bands Ireland

Here are the 5 best wedding bands in Ireland that you can watch out for:

Pink Champagne

An engaging group of musicians belting out songs from any genre, Pink Champagne is an electrifying Irish band.

Keeping the guests engaged throughout the night, this band will certainly liven up the wedding moment.

They have also been awarded as “Entertainers of the Year” from online publications.


The Best Men Wedding Band

With a versatile team of performers, this Irish band promises of an evening full of cherishing and enjoyment.

While performing live in front of the audience, their energetic vibe emanates beautifully.

Be it the soulful vocalist or the fun guitarist, the band understands the requirements and comes up with songs that will make the crowd cheer for them even more.


The Firm

With several years of outdoor performing experience, The Firm is a popular wedding band in Dublin and has performed for several weddings.

With an interesting team whoa re passionate about music, the band performs from different playlists including modern chart toppers, 80’s and 90’s songs, waltzes and retro music.

The band consists of five members along with male and female vocalists to add a versatile touch to the songs.


Blue Moose

This wedding band has been performing more than 20 years in Ireland and has become one of the most sought-after band for Irish weddings.

The five-member crew has always kept the audience hooked on to their passionate music.

The assorted range of music instruments such as keyboards, clarinet, saxophone, guitar and flute add to their enigma.


The Midnight Revellers

This wedding band is as fascinating as their name with a group of three talented musicians.

Their rendering of soothing Irish songs blends seamlessly with their cover of modern songs as well.

The combination of vocals and instruments make this wedding band a desirable one for every wedding.

Events 365 will ensure the ideal wedding band to render some of the most heart warming songs for your special day.