Why You Should Plan a Wedding in Ireland

Are you dreaming of a wedding that will be set in a fairy tale like destination? Do you want to enjoy the exotic vibe of Ireland while you propose your vows to one another in the presence of your loved ones? Have you ever felt like being a part of an exquisite culture while you walk down the aisle to your wedded partner?

With Events 365, you can now experience a magical moment on your wedding day and tie the knot in one of the most astounding places of Ireland.

Be it a local Irish couple or emigrants living abroad and looking for a destination wedding, Ireland has become one of the most popular venues for wedding for several couples.

A gorgeous destination for wedding, Ireland welcomes every couple from all kinds of nationalities to celebrate their special moment with their close ones.

The legalities involved are quite straightforward and requires not much paperwork.

If the couples are seeking for blessings and not a legal ceremony, then there is not much paperwork required.

So, if you are really looking forward to a romantic wedding amidst the charm and fascinating locales of Ireland, then here are some of the reasons why you should plan a wedding in Ireland.

Romantic Marriage Venues

Ireland takes pride in its charming spots that will seamlessly remind you of vintage tales and classic romance.

Ranging from historical castles to mesmerising outdoor locations, churches, manor houses and hotels, you will be spoilt for choices for your wedding ceremony.

Each and every venue will have something special to offer to you – expansive space, picturesque view and wonderful arrangements for the wedding that will impress the guests.

Budget Friendly

An average wedding in Ireland can cost the couple around €31,000 and lesser if you plan to spend less on the wedding gown!

With Events 365 and their expertise, you can expect a fascinating wedding setup which will be well within your budget.

What more would you need than an elegant wedding among the people you care and with the partner whom you love?

Irish Traditions

Getting married in Ireland and embracing their culture – that is one of the most incredible ways to make your wedding a memorable one.

The rich history along with the surreal ambiance will certainly make your wedding a special one.

Be it incorporating the Irish traditions through the décor items or the hand fasting ceremony, the Celtic knot or Irish toasts, your wedding will heighten beautifully with the touch of Irish traditions.

Ireland is full of surprises and with the right kind of wedding planner, you can explore the exotic places with your partner without worrying about the arrangements of the wedding.

Get in touch with Events 365 today for a memorable wedding day.

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